Get Ready To Flex Your Tech Muscles! Bendy Screens Are Coming

When we think back to our days of flip phones and sending out “LOLs” using T-9 texting, it’s easy to realize just how much smart phone technology has progressed. But, thinking ahead to the future of those cellular gadgets, well, not even Siri could look into that for us. Luckily, we have LG’s executive Ramchan Woo who is forecasting a major new development he says we’ll be seeing on the market by 2020.
The groundbreaking feature? Flexible screens that adjust to your whim, or more specifically, to your body. Woo suggests wearable tech will be the next big thing — and as much as 40% of phones will carry the bendable screen. You can expect LG to lead the way on this front. “There’s nothing actually flat around your body, everything around your body is actually curved. So, that’s one of the biggest reasons why we chose to make a curved phone,” Woo told Yahoo News.
It’s not a far leap, considering Google Glass is currently in development and the Samsung Galaxy Gear watch can already be strapped to consumer’s wrists. Only time will tell if tech enthusiasts and Average Joes alike will be as flexible to this idea as the screen will be.
mainPhoto: Via World Wide Gadget.

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