Ignore Your Friends With Facebook's New Unfollow Feature

fbembed2Photo: Courtesy of Facebook.
Has your Facebook news feed become nothing but a torrent of baby photos and political arguments between people you kinda once had a conversation with in college? Do not fret. Facebook rolled out a new feature Monday that allows you to unfollow your friends' feeds without being so hasty as to entirely unfriend them.
All you have to do is go to a given friend's page and click on the "Following" button on their cover photo. The button will change to "Follow," giving you the option to unstop the dam of selfies should you ever choose to.
Now, your feed will be nice and tidy. You'll get only the content you want, and none of the content you don't. More cat photos, fewer babies — or whatever you're into. The best part? Your friends will never have to know. (Forbes)

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