Evan Rachel Wood To Star In 10 Things I Hate About You Sequel? Please Be True

10thingsihateaboutlifePHOTO: VIA VISION FILMS. Thomas McDonell and Evan Rachel Wood on the set of 10 Things I Hate About Life.
As the late, great Heath Ledger once crooned, "You're just too good to be true" — and he's probably right, even though we want to be beyond psyched about the latest entertainment gossip making the rounds. Apparently, Hollywood powers-that-be have decided to take a break from churning out Air Bud sequels and are finally giving us the follow-up to 10 Things I Hate About You we've been waiting for since, oh, let's see, 1999. Rumor has it that the movie will be helmed by the original director, Gil Junger, and will be more of a spinoff than a sequel. Unfortunately, that means no Bianca. Sniff.
Here's what we know: 10 Things I Hate About Life stars Evan Rachel Wood and Thomas McDonell as Willow and Ben, who meet and fall in love (obvs) on the day they plan to commit suicide. They just don't make meet-cutes like they used to, folks.
According to IMDB, Billy Campbell, Elodie Yung, and Janet Montgomery will also star, though we're hoping and praying for a cameo by say, Joseph Gordon Levitt or Andrew Keegan.
Aside from the title, it's unclear just how close this spinoff will be to the 1999 cult classic, but hey, we'll take what we can get. We wouldn't say no to another rousing singalong on some bleachers, mind you. (First Showing)

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