10 Pop-Song Lullabies That Are Rocking The Cradle

"Twinkle, Twinkle Little Star?" No dice. "Hush, Little Baby?" Not on our watch. No, if you really want to get your baby to sleep, the trendiest way to do so is to clear your throat and start humming out a few lines from your favorite sappy pop song. The method works especially well when said song is about a devastating breakup or a bad-boy ex-boyfriend.
Yep, according to a new survey conducted by the makers of musical toy Symphony in B, the most popular pop songs used to lull children into sleep are as follows:
    1. Bruno Mars — "Just The Way You Are"
    2. Adele — "Someone Like You"
    3. Rihanna — "Umbrella"
    4. Robbie Williams — "Angels"
    5. Rihanna — "Diamonds"
    6. Guns 'N' Roses — "Sweet Child O' Mine"
    7. Oasis — "Wonderwall"
    8. Taylor Swift — "I Knew You Were Trouble"
    9. Christina Aguilera — "Beautiful"
    10. McFly — "It's All About You"
Personally, we'd prefer to keep our kiddos away from Axl Rose and Liam Gallagher, but a catchy tune is a catchy tune (and a sleep-inducing tune is even better). And, who knew Rihanna could practically be the Mary Poppins of pop music? These babes may be in for a good night's sleep, now, but they're also in for a rude awakening when they get older. ( Daily Mail )

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