This DIY Sriracha Recipe Will Save You From The Hot-Sauce Apocalypse

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    It's been a rough two days. First, the news broke of an impending Sriracha shutdown, and the whole world started hoarding hot sauce. Next, we heard the legal action against Huy Fong Foods, Inc. was halted by a Los Angeles judge. But, for how long?! In all likelihood, the Sriracha factory still faces a potential closure in its future, meaning the supply of our most beloved condiment will drop (and the cost will jump). Surely, the corporation will set up shop elsewhere, but how long could that take? Are we talking days or months without our on-everything sauce? Either scenario is completely unacceptable. So, faced with this grim future, we set out to ready ourselves, like any good doomsday prepper. If we couldn't buy Sriracha, how hard would it be to make our own?

    Turns out, not hard at all. With just a handful of simple ingredients and a little time at the stove, you can have a perfect replica of the spicy goodness you (and we) are so dependent on. True, this one won't have a little green cap and signature rooster on the front, but you can just doodle it on if you're feeling lonesome for your old squeeze bottle. The important thing is you shall not go hot-sauce-less in the dark days to come. Check out this beyond-simple DIY, and grab a pot. It's going to be okay, people.

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