Fair Warning: These CrossFit Vines Will Make You Feel Like A Wuss

We wouldn't exactly call it a backlash against more serene workouts, like yoga or barre, but in the fitness world, there's definitely a movement toward high-intensity, leave-it-all-on-the-floor routines — namely CrossFit and its adrenaline-fueled cousins. Even though grunting through a punishing series of pull-ups might not be our idea of a dream gym session, we can see the appeal of a broader level of overall fitness, which is what CrossFit aims to create. How it works: During a CrossFit session, you're constantly varying the movements and exercises while performing them at the highest intensity you can handle. (Translation: You're gonna work your butt off, and you might throw up. Or at least, want to.)
And no, these full-on regimens aren't just for dudes looking to get jacked: Plenty of ladies have jumped on the CrossFit bandwagon and are getting the bangin' bodies to show for it. The proof? The bounty of Vines that showcase some pretty inspirational women getting their adrenaline highs by conquering the rings, doing pull-ups, or climbing up a rope. So yeah, this is definitely a bit more intense than your usual Saturday morning yoga-then-brunch routine, but if you've hit a plateau in your weight-loss program or simply want to push yourself to the next level of fitness, take a peek at these Vines and use that motivation to get your rear in gear. (Huffington Post)

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