The Final House Of Versace Trailer Is Opulence Defined

By the grace of Gianni, have mercy on us Lifetime. As if the 30-second trailer didn't boost enough of our fashion libido, the final 91-second trailer for October 5th's House of Versace movie will. From the accent to the way she holds a cigarette, Gina Gershon is Donatella. The pomp and sass of the gilded life she leads at the helm of her family's empire is on full display here. Lifetime is taking a no holds barred approach with their latest movie event giving us an unadulterated peek into the mind behind the medusa.
Now the full movie doesn't premiere until this Saturday, but based on the trailer, expect a lot (and we mean a lot) of coke sniffing and many, many plumes of cigarette smoke for Gershon to make an entrance through. The phrase "everything" has become something of a cliche, but this movie will be everything (with claps on the downbeat). This movie will be drama (more claps on the downbeat). And it will certainly be the talk of the interwebs for a while, so tuning in is mandatory if you don't want a case of FOMO come brunch Sunday morning. (Jezebel)

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