We Asked Joseph Gordon-Levitt On A Date!

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Imagine you have two minutes of time with everyone's boyfriend, the adorable, relatable Joseph Gordon-Levitt. The sensible thing to do would be to suck up your pride, buck up, and ask the guy on a date, right? Well, that is precisely what we did when got a chance to speak with him during the premiere of his new rom com, Don Jon.
Asking him on a date didn't feel too weird, because his new movie is all about sex, love, relationships...and pornography. All this between-the-sheets talk has added increased speculation about the usually tight-lipped JGL's private life, but he has always seemed so kind and normal we felt like, hey, YOLO. A girl can try, right?
So, we got together a couple of questions to ask you, but all of us at Refinery29 were wondering the same thing, mainly: What are you doing later tonight?
"Well, that's very flattering."
But, you didn't answer! Since you’ve been on sets for 26 years, you still come across as so down to earth. What do you do to keep yourself grounded?
“I hang out with my parents or close friends of mine. I really love the work I’m fortunate enough to do. That’s what I like to spend my days doing.”
So, do you like porn?
"Look, have I watched pornography in my life? Of course, I have. Has it had some sort of impact on me? Yeah, sure. But, I don't think it has any more impact on me than any sort of other mainstream media. I think that you can find plenty of examples throughout mainstream media that do the exact same thing that pornography does. It takes people — usually women — and reduces them to a thing, mainly, a sexual object."
Do you have anything coming up with hitRECord?
“We’re making a TV show right now! It’s called hitRECord On TV. It’s a variety show of sorts. The closest thing I can compare it to is Sesame Street. It’s not for kids, but there’s variety.”
What bands are you listening to right now?
“Tune Yards.”

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