Adorable: The NYT's Animated Series For "Modern Love"

Many of us here at R29 are devout readers of the "Modern Love" column in the New York Times. Call us saps or chalk it up to having watched too many romantic comedies, but we're all about reading the trials and tribulations of romance. Though we picture these stories so many ways in our minds, we were excited to hear that, to complement the column, the NYT is debuting an accompanying animated series.
Of the column's video addition, editor Daniel Jones says, "Many 'Modern Love' essays, of course, have more to the story than can be told in 1,500 words, and it's wonderful to have this other way of adding to the written narrative. I think readers will appreciate hearing the writer's voice and allowing more to be told, though the animation is really its own thing." The idea here is that the videos will both speak to the story in the column while also functioning as a stand-alone project. We're so curious to see the way each essay is illustrated. And since the videos will likely delve into the story behind the story, it's like getting that fancy DVD bonus material. (Mashable)
NYT-2Photo: Via Mashable.

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