Lady Mary Gets Real About Matthew's Death (But We're Still Not Okay)

We, like the rest of the planet, are still drying our tears from that episode of Downton (yes, it’s eight months later — so what?), struggling to come to terms with Matthew's brutal fate. But, according to Lady Mary, it simply had to happen.
Speaking to TVLine, actress Michelle Dockery discussed the on-screen tragedy, getting real with a blunt sense of heartlessness (typical Mary). "There was no other storyline really to write, other than that he had to die some way... Even if he left or disappeared or decided that it wasn't working with him and Mary, it wouldn't have really worked because, of course, he would still have [ties] with Downton. So, it had to be that brutal." Tschk, that may well be the case, but it certainly doesn't give us any form of consolation, nor give us back the 12 hours of Boxing Day that we spent knee deep in tissues. We’re still grieving, okay?
With only one month to go until Downton is back our screens, Dockery was a little more compassionate when discussing Season Four. Highlighting it as a journey of “recovery,” she explained, "He's still very much a part of her thoughts. She'll never get over it. You don't ever get over losing someone. It's learning to deal with it and move on." And trust, we share her pain. (Digital Spy)
Photo: Courtesy of Downton Abbey.

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