60 Seconds With Aidan...Erm, We Mean John Corbett

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"John Corbett is the human equivalent of a hug," said our senior beauty editor, when trying to describe why the actor and musician is so. Dang. Lovable. Seriously, you guys — we're still giddy, hours later, from interviewing Mr. Aidan Shaw himself. He is wonderful, honest, and, yes, he sounds just like the sweet Sex And The City character that we all fell in love with years ago.
Another reason to love Mr. Corbett (like we needed one)? He's always up for supporting a good cause. His latest is teaming up with Kiehl's for their fourth annual LifeRide for amfAR — a Seattle-to-Los-Angeles motorcycle ride benefiting AIDS research. Yes, ladies, he has a heart of gold and he's a badass biker dude. Read on for some surprising revelations, straight from the man himself.
How did you become involved with amfAR? And how has the ride been so far?
"Well, I got an e-mail from Kiehl's asking me to get involved — so I showed up to do this 1,800-mile ride, essentially with all of these people I didn't know. We got on the motorcycle in Seattle last Monday, and we've driven through Oregon and through the Redwoods, and we just drove across the Golden Gate Bridge. This is my second year being involved. Last year, I did a run from Miami Beach to Washington, D.C. "
That is fantastic! So, let's talk some beauty. Are you a less-is-more guy, or do you believe that guys should embrace having a skin care routine?
"I know more than most men do about skin care. I got my hairdresser's license in 1986. (Ed. note: !!!) I went to school for a year, and learned quite a bit about not just hair, but the scalp, and how to do manicures, pedicures, and facials. So, I know a lot about it! Now, just because I know all of this stuff, doesn't mean I actually do it. Really, I just jump in the shower, and use a bar of soap all over my body, and scrub it on my hair. Even if the shampoo is there, I'll still use the bar soap on my hair! I get out, dry off, towel-dry my hair, and comb it back. That's it. Kiehl's won't like this, but that's the truth!"
We have a feeling that Kiehl's might convert you — their skin care is awesome, and we've tried everything. Our favorite men's product to steal is the Eye Alert cream.
"It's hard to teach an old dog new tricks. If a guy is in his 50s, he probably won't start now. I don't even put on sunscreen. Lots of buddies of mine are getting their moles checked — and, like, am I that guy now? Do I have to go get my moles checked? I guess I should. Usually, I learn my lessons when it's too late."
That line that Aidan said about about a guy needing multiple deodorants because they're "different smells" made women everywhere fall in love with your character. What's your personal approach to scent and deodorant?
"I have to be honest with you. When I spoke that line, I was in my 40s, and I'm 52 now! I don't remember that! But, I don't use any cologne — I've been using the Old Spice stick deodorant for years. I buy six of them at a time. But, I guess Kiehl's has good deodorant...maybe I should try that."
You've rocked both short and super-long locks. Which look do you prefer on yourself? And how on earth did you keep that long hair looking so lush?
"I don't really care at all about my own hair. I just shaved it about six weeks ago — I shaved it completely bald, and it's grown out about an inch. It was long, down to my shoulders, and I dyed it blond…I get bored. A lot of guys have a look that's their look, but I'm always transitioning or else I feel stagnant. When it's long, I don't even use conditioner, which is part of why I cut it off eventually — it just becomes this frizzy thing that needs to be killed. Lately, I have all of this gray hair and I'm really not into it."
No way, man! We love guys with gray hair. It's an awesome look.
"Nah, I'm wise enough, we can stop with the gray! I don't need to learn anything new — just make the gray stop!"
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