Kanye West's "Black Skinhead" Video Is An Interactive...Experience

Kanye West's video for "Black Skinhead" is already out there enough (though not entirely surprising considering how much influence it seems to draw from one Yung Rapunxel). But things just got a whole lot more interesting with a new interactive version, released on kanyewest.com today. You can sort of poke around on the early Internet graphics with a pixelated pointer (giving you the middle finger, incidentally), and that's fun for a while. But best of all is the feature that lets you slow the song way down and peel it apart, layer by layer, contemplating every aspect of the track.
Now, whether or not this song is actually interesting enough to bother doing that with will remain a matter of opinion. Same goes for whether or not you actually dig this very carefully curated aesthetic Kanye is creating for himself. But, you gotta hand it to him, the guy is pretty committed. Check it out here.
Image: Via KanyeWest.com

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