Penelope Cruz' Pregnancy Pics Are Refreshingly Normal

As much as we dig Kate Middleton's pregnancy style, you know there's a round-the-clock team of stylists and makeup artists to serve up those perfectly demure ensembles, glowing complexion, and flowing, bouncy hair on a daily basis. It's been a long time since Demi Moore shocked the world with her nude Vanity Fair cover, and the world has grown pretty accustomed to seeing pregnant bodies. That, we think, is a very good development — it's a beautiful thing, and if you're down to share, go for it!
But when it comes to celeb pregnancies, the aforementioned PR teams know it's going to be big news, and they often try to capitalize on that with super-polished spreads in your favorite glossies, or professional first photos sold at a high price to tabloids. In fact, it's pretty rare to see a pregnant celebrity just looking like a regular person, and reminding us all that those nine months aren't always just a perfect parade of baby wallpaper and great skin and smiles (and that's okay). Penelope Cruz managed to do just that this weekend, while out and about with Javier Bardem. Being Penelope Cruz, she still looked gorgeous — but in a very accessible, realistic way.
Rocking wedge heels, some loose, low-slung jeans, and bedhead hair, the OG natural beauty is living proof that sometimes, less is more. The Daily Mail has a whole gallery for your viewing pleasure, so go check it out in full — and we won't blame you if you spend half the time ogling Mr. Bardem, either. (The Daily Mail)
Image: Via The Daily Mail.

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