London Just Did A Great Thing For Tourists (But Bad Thing For Locals)

London. Swarming with tourists — always. While we don’t blame them for visiting (we do have an awesome city), sometimes we find ourselves frustrated with their inability to move down inside the tube cars or keep right on the escalators — particularly when it’s this balmy in the capital and tensions are already riding high. And now, they’ve only gone and been honoured with their very own tube map. That’s right, a tourist transport map has been penned.
Drawn up by John Murphy, the map, which, at first glance looks exactly like the conventional one, skips right to the chase and instead of naming stations, names sights. Whilst some stops are lucky enough to keep their namesake title — like Piccadilly Circus and Leicester Square — others get bumped for their tourist-attracting spectacles. So, Temple becomes a cooler Somerset House, Knightsbridge becomes Harrods (obvs), and Old Street gets rebranded as hipster hub, Shoreditch. Very clever, we agree — but a little disheartening, too. Now, whether or not this thing will ever end up in publication, we'll just have to wait and see. (Time Out)
Photo: Via Time Out

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