Cats Vs. Dogs: We Have Definitive Proof Who Rules The Internet

Look, Internet dwellers: We try to be pretty fair in that timeless debate over cats vs. dogs. Some around these parts are major canine lovers while others are dyed-in-the-fur feline fiends. We try to maintain a neutral line and give love to both parties. Nevertheless, the Web populace certainly prefers one animal over the other.
Stats have definitively proven that cats come up over dogs in posts across the board. Buzzfeed reports that a picture of a cat is significantly more likely to go viral. (Facts. #CatFacts.) In fact, the term "dog videos" has nowhere near the ubiquity of "cat videos" — as in, "Screw this party, let's go back to my house and watch cat videos." And if you search "cat videos" on Google, you get 15 million hits, as opposed to the measly 12 million for "dog videos".
Yet, Today points out that the most-watched pet video of all time belongs to a husky who says, "I love you" (aww). But Maru and his many boxes has the most subscribers. The site also points out that the top five cat videos have been viewed almost two million times more than the top five best dog videos. Which leads us to assume that while dogs are crowd pleasers, they won't inspire the cult of personality — or, wait for it, purr-sonality — of a kitty.
So, as Wu-Tang says, Cats Rule Everything Around Us , and if you want a viral star, you better find yourself a very grumpy cat. (Hello Giggles)

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