Messy Girls, Rejoice: This Product Will Save Your Wardrobe & Your iPhone!

Don't freak out all at once, but we found the most mind-blowing infomercial ever. And, we're pretty sure that this product is going to make every part of our lives better. Introducing NeverWet, a magical product made up of a dizzying combination of miracle chemicals that prevents everything you own from getting spilled on. Seriously. All you do is spray your favorite shirts, cleaning brushes, or even Apple products, and watch every kind of liquid roll off without even a lick of damage. We have no idea how it works, we just know we need a lifetime supply immediately. If you don't believe us, peep the video below to see NeverWet repel everything from olive oil to chocolate sauce to mustard. (AdWeek)
Rust-Oleum NeverWet, $19.97, available at Home Depot.
Video: Via YouTube; Photo: Courtesy of Nike.

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