Where Celebs Go For Their Iced Coffee (And Now, Duh, Us, Too)

Because New Yorkers rely on a steady intake of caffeine, and because summer in New York is not unlike stepping into an oven, we tend to live on iced coffees during these steamier months. But given the thousands of options available to us, finding a consistent go-to coffee shop isn't exactly easy (we know, First-World problems).
Thankfully, Vogue has published the guide to some of our favorite celebrity and influencer picks when it comes to keeping cool and caffeinated. If you're like Karlie Kloss, you head to Mojo Coffee in the West Village, adding your own almond milk and vanilla syrup. Or if you're like designer Pamela Love, you hit up Variety in Williamsburg. Check out the full map for the best coffee in your 'hood, as chosen by New York's key influencers. Hey, they don't call these people tastemakers for nothing. (Vogue)
Illustration: Rick Peterson/Via Vogue

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