Watch What Happens When Lena Dunham Reviews Girls Episodes

Even off season, Girls is bound to be a major talking point at any NYC dinner party. And yet, how often do we take into account what Dunham herself has to say? She's done her fair share of interviews, but there's still an enormous amount of speculation as to her actual intentions and methods when it comes to writing and acting in the show. Perhaps that's why the LA Times asked her to review three episodes of the show she created — and we're devouring the piece with hungry eyes.
The episodes included are "One Man's Trash," "On All Fours," and "Together." Though we highly suggest you go over and read the entire article, some of the most notable points come in Dunham's discussion of "On All Fours." This episode, during which Hannah experiences a resurgence of her obsessive-compulsive disorder, pushed the show's already edgy depiction of sex even further. When viewers wondered if a certain sex scene between Natalia and Adam was entirely consensual, Lena explains, "I'm a rabid feminist. And no woman should ever be placed in a sexual situation that leaves her feeling degraded or compromised...but I don't think Adam is a villain. If he thought he had even touched the R-word, he would be unable to live." It was, she says, a terrible miscommunication.
Even more interesting are her thoughts on pornography — an important subject when you have the no-holds-barred freedom of HBO. "In some ways, all the sex on the show is a rebuke to porn," she says. "So much of what happens sexually today is from porn. My entire sex life has been against that backdrop." What do you think — does that explain a lot? Or are you scratching your head? (The Los Angeles Times)
Photo: Via LA Times.

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