This Is What Happens When Your Wedding Is Too Expensive

As we enter the season where it seems everyone you have ever met is getting married, it's important to remember: The reason no one is attending is because you are just asking them to shell out too much money. At least, that's what one survey says.
With nearly half of Americans between the ages of 18 and 24 planning on attending a wedding in the next twelve months (and nearly 10% say they are going to over three), peoples is gettin' married, and their friends (and families) are spending big to see them do it. About a quarter of wedding guest attendees say no because of the cost involved...and even sadder — about nine percent of those asked to stand up in weddings have to decline because of the costs involved. (However, we would like to point out not every bridesmaids dress needs to be atrocious and/or expensive.)
With weddings averaging out at nearly $30K, it seems like it isn't just guests who are being gouged — but everyone is ending up a little lighter in the wallet, post-nuptials. The only advice we have: If you are attending a wedding, just be a really great guest. If you are having one, maybe you should consider mason jars...?

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