Is Mango's New Plus-Size Line The Answer To Global Expansion?

Last year, Zara was called out for selling too-slim cuts that barely fit Americans outside of the body image-obsessed West and East Coasts. The company stood by its sizing, refusing to accommodate Americans with "vanity sizing" — a popular method of labeling clothes smaller than what they really are. Maybe Zara just isn't interested in making money, or catering to a stylish and underserved set?
Well, one European brand to step up to the plate in the hopes of bypassing its competitor is Spanish retailer Mango, which just announced a plus-size line rolling out in stores as early as 2014. However, this isn't the first time that Mango has gone plus-size. In 2007, the store apparently launched a clothing line that went up to a size 18. We've not been able to find any news about the line's success (or failure), though we can assume it naturally fizzled out.
So, will the retailer succeed on its second try, and more importantly, is going plus-size enough to beat out Zara and expand on a global scale without alienating its current customer base? Guess we'll just have to wait and see. (Racked)
Photo: Via Racked

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