(Update: Now With Full Album!) New Daft Punk Song — Featuring Panda Bear

UPDATE: Oh, the whole thing is streaming over at iTunes. You are welcome. (Also, let's all have a collective meltdown over the Giorgio Morodor track, please.)
Yeah, you heard. This is the latest Daft Punk track, and if you thought Pharrell had moves, wait 'til you hear Animal Collective's Panda Bear. This version of "Doin' It Right" is leaked, and there's no 100% official confirmation that this is real, but it sounds pretty legit to us (that's definitely Panda Bear, and it's more or less confirmed by this Fuse pre-review). For fans of Daft Punk, this is the kind of core track you're guaranteed to love; hardcore Panda Bear lovers might have a slightly harder time latching on. Press play to check it out below. (Sound Is Style)
Image: Via Sound Is Style.

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