KStew Tops Another Best-Dressed List—Anyone Else A Bit Confused?

Kristen Stewart has propped herself up on two rather sturdy pillars when it comes to her wardrobe: One, that she does not want to have her clothing draw any further attention from paparazzi, and two, that a girl's outfit ought to match her energy, and if she doesn't feel like dressing up, then so be it. With such a cavalier approach to everyday style, it's quite impressive that Stewart has managed to once again top Glamour U.K.'s list as Best Dressed Woman, defeating both Emma Watson and the Duchess.
Praised for her "personal rock-chick style," this is the second year in a row Stewart has topped the list, a bit to our surprise. This isn't to say that Stewart has been without her fabulous red carpet moments, but she's also had some notable flops (shortened Erdem dress, anyone?). What do you think, though? Is KStew worthy of a two-year victory, or would you have voted for one of the runners up? (Daily Mail)
Photo: Jim Smeal/BEImages

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