Awesome: BuzzFeed's Guide To Mastering The Art of Tube Snoozing

Though we may be full-grown adults, we are definitely still babies when it comes to transportation: Stick us in a train or in a car for more than ten minutes, and we're snoozin' for sure. This is fine when you're the passenger in a friend or family member's van on a road trip, but when you're aching for some extra shut eye on your morning commute, well, things can get hairy. No, really. There ends up being a lot of exposed body hair, it turns out.
You're not alone when it comes to the accidental Tube snooze. In fact, BuzzFeed has put together 19 Tips For Sleeping On The Tube, because if you're gonna do it, do it right. Highlighting the importance of stretching yourself out and using the tools that are available to you, such as poles and fellow passengers, this may as well be the start of a new Tumblr obsession. Check out the fairly hilarious tips to maximize your morning nap (yes, that's a thing). Just don't blame us if you miss your stop. (BuzzFeed)
Images: Via BuzzFeed

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