Elle Fanning's Most Charming Quirks, All Laid Out For You

It's extremely unsurprising news that Elle Fanning not only goes out of her way to avoid blending in with the crowd, but also positively refuses to do the things that "most people" do, such as...wear jeans. She's wowed crowds with her unusual style choices in the past, from next-level platforms to pilgrim-chic getups, and we've loved watching her play with fashion — especially since she seems to have a natural talent for creative dressing from a very young age.
And this week, the 14-year-old actress talked to New York magazine about that very talent, among others (like, you know, acting and stuff), gracing its newest cover.
Photo: Will Cotton/Courtesy of New York Magazine.
Here are the three most important things we learned from this interview: 1) At 7 years old, Elle attended an auction in a white dress and a Marilyn Monroe wig, with the firm intention of purchasing the actress' powder and face cream. 2) Today, she has a self-described "nervous tic" that forces her to write Bob Dylan on her hand whenever she has an idle moment. 3) She learns her lines in a very hot bathtub.
So yes, she's pretty much the most adorably quirky person in the world. She will charm you to death. Click through for the full interview, but cute-phobes, beware: The photo shoot takes place at a cake-decorating shop.
Photo: Will Cotton/Courtesy of New York Magazine.

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