Confirmed: David Beckham Actually Is That Handsome

When you see a photo of David Beckham in his skivvies, you sort of assume it's not real. It's a wax figure, it's magic, you're drunk, whatever. Nobody is that chiseled. Well, rub your eyes and behold: Behind-the-scenes photos confirm the impossible may, in fact, be possible.
Mr. Beckham looks good and he knows it, as evidenced by his totally nonchalant manner as he prances around in his underthings on the set of his latest shoot for H&M. He even donned a pair of slippers that add an endearingly human touch to the whole six-pack situation. It's not clear exactly what is going on here, but we know we like it. Check out the full batch plus appropriately hilarious captions on The Cut!
Photos: Courtesy of H&M.

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