"Girls," Featured On Girls...Here's The Entire Soundtrack Listing

It's all about girls these days. And Girls. And now "Girls" — the new track by Santigold, written for the HBO runaway hit. Expect it to start blasting out of 90% of speakers in "East Williamsburg" in T-minus 3...2...1...
As you can perhaps imagine, this song is all about ladies. "We are girls" is the primary lyric and it is catchy as anything (and everything) ever to come from Santigold's mile-a-minute brain. The rest of the track list for this standard edition and limited-release deluxe digital compilation of music from the show so far includes all your standard indie fare, plus a few lesser-known names:
1. Robyn, "Dancing on My Own"
2. Fun.,"Sight of the Sun"
3. Harper Simon, "Wishes and Stars"
4. Santigold, "Girls"
5. White Sea: "Overdrawn"
6. Grouplove: "Everyone's Gonna Get High"
7. Icona Pop: "I Love It"
8. The Echo Friendly: "Same Mistakes"
9. Belle & Sebastian: "I Don't Love Anyone"
10. Fleet Foxes: "Montezuma"
11. Oh Land: "White Nights"
12. The Vaccines: "Wreckin' Bar (Ra Ra Ra)"
13. Lia Ices: "Love Is Won"
14. Michael Penn: "On Your Way"
Does this feel oddly reminiscent of the Top 25 Most Played section in your iTunes? Then you might be a Girl. Congratulations. Now, watch the trailer for the next season (premiering on January 13), consider pre-ordering the soundtrack tomorrow, and then sit around and wait for it to actually drop January 8.

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