These 2007 Beauty Trends Are Back & Better Than Before

As the saying goes, “Everything old is new again,” and there’s no better indicator than the beauty counter — er, beauty cart, now. Our penchant for nostalgia has prompted many of us to dig out (and in some cases, scan) our favorite teen magazines from over a decade ago, to marvel at the makeup and hair trends we attempted to copy in our younger years.

Looking at old trends with fresh eyes, we can see how many of those techniques have been revamped over the years for the red carpet and our social media feeds. A few prime examples: We’ve seen the copious amount of self-tanner and razored scene kid hair of yesteryear slowly transform into the perfectly contoured complexions and textured pixies we treasure today.

There’s no need to wait for a #ThrowbackThursday to test-drive these trends again. We’ve searched through the archives and found five trends from 2007 that have made a triumphant return — with a slight tweak or two. Click through to discover which trends are worth re-visiting.

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2007: Razored Emo Hair
You weren’t considered hardcore or “part of the scene” unless your jeans were skin-tight, your belt was studded, and your strands were razored within an inch of their life. The technique originally emerged as an easy way to take the weight off and create more movement in smooth layers, but it was often taken to the extreme and exaggerated with the help of lots of wax.
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2017: Tousled & Textured
With the effortless hair trend not showing any signs of slowing, many stars are choosing to give up length to focus more on enhancing their natural texture. Nowadays, we reach for beachy salt sprays and waving wands instead of waxes to achieve the tousled style. If you want to land the look, be sure to switch the direction you twist your hair wand to make bends look more natural, and spritz salt sprays on once strands are dry.
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007: Exaggerated Eyeliner
There's nothing quite as classic as a cat-eye, but stars like Kat Von D began taking the look to the extreme, experimenting with the size, shape, and placement of the feline flicks and was likely the spark to ignite the idea to launch her eponymous beauty line.
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2017: Graphic Eyeliner
With the rise of social media, makeup pros have started sizing up each other’s skills with editorial-inspired, intricate eye looks, and beauty challenges that we can’t stop liking and sharing. With techniques that include double-decker eyeliner, inner corner cat-eyes, and geometric shapes — all in a rainbow of hues — they took liquid liner in a direction that would’ve made Winehouse proud.
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2007: Serious Self-Tanner
With an uptick of skin cancer caused by excessive and indoor tanning, in-salon spray tanning and self-tanners took off as a healthier alternative to keep that yearlong glow. Many even used spray tan machines to emphasize muscles, including abs, arms, and legs. The problem with some early formulas was that instead of imparting a beautiful bronze on the skin, there was a streaky, orange-y afterglow.
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2017: Body Contouring
We clearly can’t get enough of shading ourselves. The Kardashian-Jenner crew took contouring from a professional makeup technique to an Instagram obsession. With plenty of palettes and shading sticks hitting shelves, many media savvy makeup artists took the technique even further, using everyday items to achieve the look, as well as trying the technique on their bodies and their faces (even using self-tanner to achieve the look).
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2007: Two-Toned Tresses
Celebs like Kelly Clarkson and Avril Lavigne prompted many to make stark color contrasts the standard. Those with darker hair often opted to brighten their faces with a series of honeyed streaks focused around the face, while those with lighter color looked to red and brown tones to give their skin tone some added warmth. This was achieved through the use of foiling techniques, which created big changes, but made roots and regrowth look obvious.
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2017: Unicorn & Mermaid Hair
While wild hair hues were previously seen only on rockers and the alternative crowd, new techniques and technologies (as well as increased acceptance in and out of the workplace) in recent years have made test-driving unicorn hair colors easier than ever. Whether you’re into neons, pastels, or unique ombrés, there’s no end to the possibilities — as long as you’re willing to commit to its care.
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2007: Icy Eyeshadow
Everyone was feeling frosty no matter the temperature, as pale, shimmery shadows made eyes look ethereal, which played well with the silky camis and satiny dresses that were hot that year. The shadows came in creamy formulas, making them easy to add a little sparkle to the inner corners of the eyes to look more awake, or lend a sheer wash of color on the lids (with a slick of shiny lip gloss) to brighten up the entire face.
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2017: High-Shine Highlighter
Contouring could be confusing, so it was a relief when strobing stepped up as an easier alternative to sharpen features and deliver a luminous glow. The technique shows no sign of slowing down, and encompasses everything from the subtle sheen on the high points of the face to the fully frosted #HighlighterChallenge looks that beauty vloggers display with the help of highly pigmented palettes.
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