We Don't: The 15 Worst Wedding Gifts, Ever

Update: This article was originally published April 19.
If your fridge is rapidly filling up with save-the-dates, you may be tempted to spare yourself the trawl through yet another bridal registry and go rogue. But, purchasing a present off that wedding wish list is murky territory, my friends. Sure, it could result in a more creative gift that the couple truly appreciates — especially if you're shopping too late and the only items left are a silicone spatula and a steam mop. But, this could also result in a truly tragic impulse purchase — like the 15 items ahead.
Each present here is crummy in its own way: Some are corny or weird, some sappy, or some in truly poor taste. But, they're all about as welcome as the bride's creepy cousin is at your dinner table. And, worse, they come with the ultimate insult — first, your recipients will have to stand in the department store's return line, and then they'll have to actually write a thank-you note for the horror you bestowed upon them.
So, before you buy off-registry, make sure your gift in no way resembles the following. Your already-tenuous friendship with that girl you roomed with over spring semester is at stake here, people.

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