15 Party-Approved Beauty Buys R29ers Swear By

We all know her — heck, we all Insta-stalk her. She's the girl at every party who, without fail, looks totally chic and put together without being overdone. Trendy outfit? Check. Fresh makeup? Check. Visible confidence? Double-check. You know she didn't spend hours getting ready, which makes it all the more maddening that she captures the aura you've been perpetually chasing with total ease.
But have you ever wondered exactly which products she lines up on her (we're assuming perfectly organized) vanity or stashes in that trendy little clutch she brings along with her to all the soirees? Truth be told, we certainly have, which is why we tapped 15 effortlessly put-together R29ers to reveal the beauty buys they swear by to finesse their looks — from a stashable fragrance in a night-out-worthy scent to a complexion-perfecting foundation stick, all available at Macy's. Think of these picks as your armor for taking on party season like a pro.
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Laura Delarato, Branded Video Producer

“When I'm rushing to get out the door to work, to a date, or to drinks with friends, my go-to product is forever and always Laura Mercier's Caviar Stick Eye Colour. It's easy to manipulate on the skin and has major buildability when I'm seeking to be a bit extra. Plus, the Peacock shade makes my eye color pop without overpowering my entire lid. If I could, I would literally sew an extra inside pocket in all my jackets just to keep this on hand at all times.”
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Cassidy Turner, Associate Photo Editor

“This MAC Ruby Woo lipstick in Retro Matte has been my go-to forever. I tend to wear a lot of black, so I'm always sure to carry this with me to add a quick boost of color to my look.”
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Claire Fontanetta, Beauty Editor

“I've always been a fan of floral fragrances, and this one is no exception. Notes of gardenia keep it fresh, but the woodsy undertones give it a little edge — perfect for a night out.”
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Kelly Agnew, Senior Fashion & Beauty Editor

“I love, love, love blush (and always have). One swipe of Dior's pretty pink powder blush (which smells like roses, btw), gives my cheekbones a rosy, naturally flushed glow — the perfect finishing touch for any party look.”
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Michelle Li, Associate Stylist

“I'm not usually a mascara person since it's a pain to take off, but during the holidays I like to spend some extra time on my makeup. Although it may not seem like much, this volumizing mascara makes a huge difference. Plus, the buildable formula means I can use it if I decide I want to swipe some on during the daytime, too.”
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Sam Schneider, Project Manager

“Smelling fresh all day — especially when I'm going from Pilates to a boozy brunch party — is super important. I tuck this Lancôme La vie est belle rollerball in my bag for an instant refresh. Thanks to the blend of patchouli and notes of orange blossom, no one would ever guess I came straight from the gym.”
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Alison Ives, Fashion Editor

“Until recently, my makeup routine was limited to a sheer tinted moisturizer and a simple cat-eye flick. But after wanting more coverage for a night out, I sought out this SPF foundation and love how natural it looks on my skin.”
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Megan West, Associate Creative Director

“I'm not big on makeup, so fragrance is definitely my beauty power move, and Calvin Klein rarely gets it wrong. Plus, this Euphoria scent feels like a grown-up version of CK One, which I wore with pride in the '90s.”
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Ariel Matos, Associate Growth Strategist

“I stumbled on Buxom by chance after receiving a random sample. It was probably the single biggest influence on my addiction to all things lip, and since then I've tried almost every formula and have yet to be unhappy with any of them. With party season fast approaching (hello, sparkles!), this high-shine gloss is my current fave.”
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Paulina Canini, Project Manager

“It's impossible to not love this scent. With top notes of bergamot and musky base notes, it feels fresh and feminine but also sexy. I carry the purse spray in my bag throughout party season and spritz it on whenever I need a little extra something.”
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Rebecca Smith, Managing Editor

“This foundation has become my go-to on nights when I don't want to devote tons of time to my makeup. A few quick swipes makes my complexion look even and never cakey.”
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Lucy Meilus, Senior Lifestyle & Entertainment Editor

“I've had this scent in rotation since I was 15 — it's crisp, floral, citrusy, a little woodsy, and makes you feel like you're freshly out of the ocean. It's perfect for day or night, and I always get compliments when I wear it.”
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Anissa Richmond, Branded Video Producer

“I absolutely live for this Kiehl's salve during the winter months. There's nothing worse than meeting someone for drinks and greeting them with a rough handshake, and this moisture-packed formula keeps my skin soft, supple, and most importantly, ash-free.”
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Alaina Alvarez, Brand Strategist

“I'm not big on heavy fragrances. In fact, I hardly use anything other than this scent by Donna Karan. Just like the name implies, it's cozy and sultry with notes of sandalwood and Moroccan jasmine — and this travel-ready size is perfect for a quick, discrete touch-up.”
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Melissa Killian, Brand Experiences Director

“After years of sun exposure, I'm seeing the damaging effects of the sun's harsh rays firsthand. Protecting my skin — no matter the time of day — is super important to me, which is why I love this sunscreen. It's light enough to mix with foundation and doesn't feel oily like other formulas, making it perfect for all-day wear.”

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