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Do you suffer from nail-to-wall phobia? You're not alone. Artfully Walls consultant (and former domino editor-in-chief) Michelle Adams says, "A lot of my friends are afraid to put holes in their walls, so they never frame and hang anything! In reality, walls couldn't be easier to fill — and, you can always opt to hang with velcro strips." That's right — it's okay to use 3M Command strips to hang prints. They don't destroy walls and allow you to be as indecisive as you want.

Framing is the other major hurdle. If you're unsure where to start, Adams suggest a simple gallery frame in either black, white, or light wood finish. "I choose the thinnest frame I can find (usually about 1/2" - 3/4") so that it doesn't overpower the art, and opt for a basic white mat to either surround the art or for it to float on," she says. "Artfully Walls offers this exact style of frame and mat, which takes the guess work out of the framing process."

So many become paralyzed by the whole process (us included), but Adams says the main thing to keep in mind is to just buy what truly makes you smile (whether it's from a website or flea market), and get it up as simply as possible. Ahead, we found 50 art prints priced under $50 to get you going immediately.
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Quick Tip:
There are no rules when grouping a gallery wall, but Adams says a helpful guide for beginners is combining one photograph, one oil or acrylic painting, one portrait (of a favorite person or animal — Snuggles, you're in luck), and one graphic or geometric print.
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It's like having cozy, colorful caterpillars inside.
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You don't have to visit the flemish still lifes at the The Metropolitan Museum of Art. You can have one right in your own kitchen.
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This one will fit seamlessly in your industrial loft with concrete floors.
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Classic is well, classic.
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Abstract poppies anyone?
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A great stand alone piece for an entry way.
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When in doubt, go bold.
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There's something sweet, but not too sugary about this oil-painting reprint.
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Color inspiration to wake you up as you sip that espresso.
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The happiest blues and yellows for a bathroom.
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Hang over your bar cart for a cool American Hustle vibe.
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We didn't know a kite could be so chic.
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A dreamy color sandwich we want to eat.
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This one will keep giving you feelings years down the road.
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A little Miami Vice is a living room prerequisite.
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A reflective piece to help us look down and deep into our psyche.
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Look at this when you want to have an escape from life.
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Who needs colors anyway? Just frame black and white drawings on a gallery wall.
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Because color should always be front and center.
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We like museums where you can touch things.
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What still-life dreams are made of.
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"Fly this girl as high as you can into the wild blue," — the Dixie Chicks.
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It's like an Emily Brontë novel with a touch of dystopia.
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Ideal for over a dark dresser.
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It can't hold a candle to the originals, but it can keep you inspired.
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A little fruit will always brighten up your kitchen.
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Sometimes this is how we feel.
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A calming piece to soothe any busy mind.
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Sometimes, things don't need to be complicated.
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Will look great against a Kelly green wall.
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This will make you happy.
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A backhanded wink at the whole weaving trend.
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It's easy to indulge in the whimsy of this one.
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To fulfill all your graphic dreams.
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The most un-sporty sport painting of all time.
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Just the right amount of creepy when you walk through the house at night.
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A prickly piece without the pain.
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Growing old is awesome. This will help remind you.
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Because vitality and transparency are always important.
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It's the simple things.
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Why not have art that mimics a beautiful real life mess?
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For the plant killer, a must-have.
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For when you're feeling blue. This will look great with a mix of black and white prints.

Jack Hudson Preserved, $20, available at Tiny Showcase.
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The lady of leisure we are in our dreams.
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A nod to your grandparents.
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This one can hang solo.
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A little summer you can keep with you all year long.
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It may be right at $50, but this one is an emotional keeper.
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Go see it in person and then remember it every day.

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