A Crash Course In Vodka Infusions

1Photo: Via Elizabeth Street
We're all aiming to be amateur mixologists, but creating the perfect cocktail is easier said than mixed. It would be great to serve our guests the finest crafted sippers, but more often than not we find ourselves reaching for another six-pack. Enter the pros over at Elizabeth Street; they've created a foolproof guide to all things vodka-infused. Whether you prefer booze fruity and sweet or with the kick of a thousand peppers, it's got a recipe for you. As it turns out, mixing up a refreshing infused vodka is way less daunting than we thought. And, once you're done, all you need is your favorite seltzer — or, simply ice cubes if you're more hardcore. Barbecue season may be winding down, but we have a feeling we're going to be serving these boozy treats for many months to come. Head on over to Elizabeth Street for the full how-to. (Elizabeth Street)

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