5 Things To Know This AM — Jul 10 2012

We're calling this dress the World Cup winner of evening wear — or at least a World Cup-ready piece of evening wear — as we're sure any woman who wears it will be prepared with a spare soccer ball...or 20. (Racked)
When it's summer and temps are rising beyond 100 degrees outside, all we want to do is gulp our super-size sodas and flash our flip flops. Sure, the sugary drinks aren't good for us, but is it possible that the flimsy footwear could be even worse? (Ecouterre)
Give your old cooking routine a gourmet kick in the pants with newly-launched web site, Good Taste, stocked with healthy, enticing recipes and top-notch booze. Suddenly, you're hungry, aren't you? (Tasting Table)
We can hardly take a walk without chipping a nail, and yet, Serena Williams managed to win at Wimbledon sporting a blinged-out mani. (Beauty High)
How perfect: We were just wondering what to do with that spare $852 million we had laying around. Valentino to the rescue. (Elle)
Photo: Via Racked

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