15 Trader Joe's Snacks That Are Just As Good As The Originals

Are you into snacking? Would you call yourself a "pro" snacker? If you've answered yes to both of those questions, then you probably can also count snacks under your list of hobbies (or perhaps, your past experience section on your resume). And you also probably shop at Trader Joe's. Because on top of being cheaper than competing grocery chains, TJ's also spits a MEAN snack game. In addition to all the unique offerings that can be scored off the shelves, a good chunk of our favorites are tried and true for more than just taste alone. We find ourselves constantly coming back to stock up on these specific snack options because they are familiar. Let's just say they remind us of certain name brand offerings.
We've rounded up 15 Trader Joe's snack duplicates from Joe-Joe's, to peanut butter cups, corn puffs, and more. Aside from price, is there any real difference in taste? Put your own taste buds to the test to find out. And let us know your thoughts in the comments below!

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