This Is Our Jam: Porcelain Raft, "Put Me To Sleep"

The first thing you may wonder about “Put Me to Sleep” is if the title is accurate. Fortunately, the answer is a definitive no. Though the last song we featured from Porcelain Raft was indeed somewhat somnolent, “Put Me to Sleep” sees the Italian electronic pop musician playing with increased inertia.
“Put Me to Sleep” starts with a driving Krautrock rhythm and slowly amps up the wattage, gaining energy, emotion, and waves of guitar noise. Mario Remiddi’s vocals stress the tightly wound scene of the song, joining the ranks of the many indie dudes who pay homage to the all-powerful David Bowie (see also: Destroyer; Future Islands). The title isn’t a statement, but rather a strung-out plea for some rest; “Put Me to Sleep” is by no means a lullaby.
Porcelain Raft—Strange Weekend
"Put Me to Sleep"
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