Things That Will Always Make You Happy, No Matter Your Age

We've got a challenge for you: Stop whatever you're doing right now, and conjure up one thing that never fails to bring a smile to your face. Just thinking about it feels good, right? Sure, there's a time and a place for a bit of sarcasm, cynicism, and jadedness, but acknowledging the little things is an instant mood booster. Besides, it's an excellent way to remember that the good outweighs day-to-day life annoyances...lookin' at you lost keys and traffic jams.

With this in mind, we teamed up with Youngera show that, fittingly, always makes us giddy — and hit the city streets to ask random real people of all ages what makes them happy every day. Check out responses from people as young as 5 and as old as 81, and then mark off your calendar for the season 2 premiere of Younger on January 13 at 10 p.m. Consider it the ultimate feel-good pairing.
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Illustrated by Mary Galloway.
"The feeling of a dog falling asleep and using you as a pillow." —Milo, 5

"Eating Halloween candy in bed." —Emmanuelle, 7

"When your hiccups are suddenly gone." —Ruby, 7
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Illustrated by Mary Galloway.
"When there’s no line for the bathroom." —Madeline, 9

"When they wash your hair for a long time before you get a haircut." —Sophie, 11

"Waking up early on a Saturday, and snuggling back into bed because you know you can sleep in." —Kelsey, 14
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Illustrated by Mary Galloway.
"Waking up to a good-morning text." —Clara, 17

"Getting out of the shower and having a warm, dryer-fresh towel waiting for you." —Jon, 23

"Finally remembering something — for me it’s always an actor’s name — after having it bug you all day. Bonus points if you don’t google it!" —Austin, 24
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Illustrated by Mary Galloway.
"When all you want to do is go home and chill, and your plans miraculously get cancelled." —Allison, 24

"Finding a pen that writes really smoothly." —Jordan, 25

"Buying fancy, needlessly expensive lingerie for no reason other than to treat yourself." —Nina, 28
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Illustrated by Mary Galloway.
"Free samples, anytime, anywhere." —Jeremy, 34

"When my mother prints out articles or clips newspaper columns and sends them to me via snail mail. It might not be the fastest means of communication, but it makes my day." —La’shea, 40

"Sleeping in your own bed after being away from home." —Amanda, 48
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Illustrated by Mary Galloway.
"Rediscovering an old favorite song that instantly brings back memories." —Georgia, 59

"The very first snowfall of the year." —Sharon, 60

"When you’re very hungry at a restaurant and you see the waiter approaching with your food." —Anita, 81
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