The Best (And Worst) Of Courtney Love's eBay Store

We are nothing if not ardent vintage shoppers both on- and off-line. So when we heard the news that the operators of the official Courtney Love fashion-tracking site, What Courtney Wore Today, had teamed with the sometimes confounding, though rarely boring, rock empress to create the official Courtney Love eBay store, Courtney Love Couture, you know we had to click on through and proffer our expert assessment. What we found was a limited selection of garments and footwear all worn by the celeb, some of it fairly priced, but not so much so that anyone had actually placed a bid on anything. Also, just like ol' Court, there's some fine, exemplary things to see here, but other pieces should have been kept locked in a closet. So, let's go, lot by lot, through the best and worst of C-Love's excursion into online auctioneering.
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Claire La Faye Dress, F/W 2006: $649

Sure, she wore it to the premiere of Marie Antoinette and she's offering it for about half its original price, but this look is so dated we wouldn't shell out for it even if the dry cleaners got rid of that pesky smell.
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Fendi Monogram Heels, F/W 2007: $249

In apparently excellent condition and a fraction of their original $1,100 retail price, these actually represent a fairly good bargain. The monogram style isn't for us, but if you dig, you're Court's size, and you have a little extra scratch to flush on a pair of heels with history, why the hell not?
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Gucci Dress, F/W 2007: $2,999

Far and away the most expensive and, to our eyes, beautiful of the offerings here, this Gucci piece was recently worn last month and doesn't come with much of a discount at all. Still, sure is purdy to look at, hunh?
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Marc Jacobs Dress S/S 2006 Hand-Dyed by Courtney Love: $299

Seems once upon a time, Courtney got her hands on a Marc dress (retail $899) and thought to herself, "you know, this is real nice, how can I change that?" and decided to experiment with hand dying. Now it's grimy, dark, and worth a lot less than the current asking price.
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Chanel Patent Leather Heels, S/S 2007: $549

Lovely and timeless, these strappy numbers hail from 2007—like almost everything else here—and could probably be found for somewhat less in the same condition but without the same celeb provenance.
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Black Cap Sleeve 1950's Vintage Dress: $399

Not to our personal tastes, mind you, but for the price, condition, and vintage, not at all a bad find. The shoulder details are particularly lovely, pardon the pun. We hope to see more of this in the future from this store.
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Vivienne Westwood Skirt, F/W 2006: $199

Love Dame Viv as we do, we really can't see how this would have ever worked on Courtney. We're guessing this was one of those things that looks like a good idea on the rack and then becomes a very bad idea in your own closet at home. If you have any interest in this, it's worth noting that she's offering it for less than 10% of it's original price.
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Givenchy Ankle Boots S/S 2007: $249

Ok, we know that, being all sexy and such, these seem like a good idea at $249 from their original $1165. But already the look seems a bit arch and dated. We always advise going for classics in online bidding.
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Turquoise 1960's Vintage Dress: $299

Looking for the worst thing here? We found it. A sad prom dress from a bygone era, this thing is in poor, poor condition and lacks any charm or style. Why is this even here?

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