Studio Stalker! Inside Martha Davis' Super-Cool Hayes Valley Workspace

One of the most talented designers residing in San Francisco, shoemaker Martha Davis is loved locally and beyond for her functional-yet-mega-fashionable footwear line. Naturally, Davis’ Hayes Valley workspace is equally awesome. To show you where all the magic happens (well, here and at a factory outside of Venice that also makes shoes for Chanel and Chloé!), we visited Davis in her super-cool workspace. Take a look at her artful interiors—plus loads of shoe porn!—and get inspired.!
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How would you describe the feel of your studio?
"The studio is kind of like a workshop/shed you might have out in the back of your house in the Catskills."
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How would you describe your shoes, in a nutshell?
"Confident and original!"
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What's your philosophy when it comes to the materials you use?
"I am adamant about quality and love things that are unexpected or unusual."
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How often are you in Italy, where your factory is located?
"For my business, I spend time in Florence and Bologna sourcing material and Venice where my factory is. I like to be very hands on with process, so I go about 10 times a year. In the town where the factory is located, there is a small factory for every part of the process—from the last and the heels, to the leather and hardware, to the boxes and bags. I am like a kid in a candy shop running back and forth putting a design together!"
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Martha's debut line for men, filled with colorful loafers.
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What's your favorite part of your workspace?
"The built-in pockets for shoes and the light."
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We notice you have a Vivienne Westwood book in your studio. Is she an inspiration?
"A huge inspiration. She is a true original and has amazing guts."
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Designer Martha Davis.
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How would you describe your own personal style?
"No fuss."
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What's up next for you?
"I'm looking to get closer to the making process."

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