5 Reasons Why You Might Really Need To Cleanse Your House

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Maybe you just want to live a high-vibe, crystal-infused life — or, perhaps you're a total skeptic who scoffs at your friend's essential oil diffuser. Either way, you would be well-served to cleanse your home on a regular basis.
Family members come to visit, exes move in (and then move out), and maybe a ghost or two has been hanging around since you moved in. In other words, houses see a lot of activity. And, if you happen to believe that spiritual activity can accumulate in a living space (in the same way it can within a crystal or in your own body), you're going to want to flush that energy out periodically.
Even if you can't tell sage from Palo Santo, taking a few easy steps to clear out the negative energy from your living space can make it feel more like the safe haven of your dreams. Read on to learn more about when and why you might need to perform a spiritual cleanse at home.
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You just moved in.

Hopefully nothing truly insidious went down in your new abode before you arrived, but it's easy enough to cleanse the area with sage, Palo Santo, or a protective crystal grid just in case. Plus, banishing negativity from a new living space will make it feel more like home.
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You've got a ghost.

Hear us out: You don't have to be full-on possessed or see creepy figures to have a haunting on your hands. Maybe items in cabinets get rearranged or doors that appear to be latched drift open at night. Some spirits stop short of being spooky and settle on being mere nuisances. Luckily, salting the outward-pointing corners of your home should send any ghosts in your house a clear message to move out. That said, do be sure you don't actually have a vermin infestation or a carbon monoxide leak before you go ghost hunting in your basement.
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You're fresh off a full moon.

After charging and cleansing your crystals in the bright light of the full moon, put those babies to use. The waning phases of the moon (when it's transitioning from full to new) are the most opportune time in the lunar cycle for cleansing rituals. As the moon gets darker and, at least to our eyes, smaller in appearance, its encourages us to get rid of the things that don't serve us. That might mean cutting off a toxic friend altogether, but it could also mean whipping out a bundle of sage to banish any ill will they brought into your house.
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You've just gone through a breakup.

There's nothing wrong with the sweatpants-and-wallow approach to handling a breakup, but when you're ready to greet the outside world again, it helps to have a living space that's free of any memory of your ex. Aside from throwing out — er, we mean, politely returning — their stuff, you can rearrange your bedroom, journal about where you'd like your love life to go next, or add to your nightstand's crystal collection. Even if your relationship ended amicably, it can helpful to imbue your home with a feeling of newness as you start this chapter of single living.
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You're celebrating a new season.

Spring cleaning really is a thing. One of the simplest ways to welcome a new season is clearing out the energy from the previous one. Again, smudging comes in handy here, but you can also freshen up the plants on your personal altar or, yes, literally clean something. Removing the physical and spiritual clutter you've accumulated will help you feel ready to take on the changing seasons with a renewed sense of purpose (and hopefully a little extra closet space).

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