The Bodega Smoothie Challenge

Photographed by Amy Lombard.
Inspired by an old Buzzfeed post called the Bodega Cocktail Challenge, we recently decided to try a similar experiment with smoothies. We asked three R29'ers to converge on a random bodega in Brooklyn and then we pit them against each in a time-pressured battle for glory. It was like the Hunger Games, but for smoothies. Here's the 411:

The Challenge
: To make the best smoothie EVER, using only ingredients from a street corner deli.

The Contenders:
Elettra “Fruit Hater” Wiedemann; Venus “The Wrong” Wong; Annie “Green In The Face” Greenberg

The Stakes: Glory, bragging rights, pride.

Check out our slideshow to see who almost passed out, who came out on top, and who cried. (Okay, fine, no one cried, but the competition was FIERCE and INTENSE, people!)

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