How To Set An Intention For The Best Summer Yet

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As the official start summer of approaches, it's hard not to hear two warring voices in our heads. The first one cheers, "Summer '18, baby, let's do it," or something to that effect, while the other moans, Tina Belcher-style, about the coming months of sunburns, chafing, and sweat. Believe it or not, you can lean into the enthusiasm of that first voice without shutting out Tina's voice entirely. It all comes down to the type of intention you set for yourself ahead of time.
A summertime intention is kind of like a New Year's resolution, explains Heather Askinosie, crystal expert, cofounder of Energy Muse and co-author of Crystal Muse. Ideally, your intention addresses something in your life that needs changing or improvement, though it doesn't need to be drastic, Askinosie adds. "Get in touch with what changes your soul needs," she says. "Commit to doing something positive for yourself — no excuses!"
Of course, if you aren't familiar with getting in touch with your innermost needs, this process can seem daunting. Ahead, Askinosie advises us on how to set an intention for the season ahead. As that first voice put it, "Let's do it."
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Be specific.

Let's be real — we all want to have a good summer. Setting an intention around simply having a nice time is probably a little too vague, Askinosie says. Ask yourself, what exactly do you want to get out of the upcoming months? Think about what areas of your life could use a little extra attention: your love life, your career, or even something as minor as your pantry's organization. It doesn't have to be extremely detailed from the get go, but you should have something particular in mind that you want to improve from the offset. "Choose something that your spirit is craving," Askinosie says. "After you’ve pinpointed what you want to work on, grab a pen and write it down on a small slip of paper."
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Choose the right words.

"Don’t begin intentions with 'I hope to,' or 'I want,'" Askinosie says. "Use words that affirm your intention, rather than set it up as something you might do or simply wish will happen." Remember, you're in control of your intention's outcome — framing your plan like a request will only lead you to believe that you need someone else's permission or help to see results. So, if your intention's first draft sounds something like, "I hope to see the world," Askinosie recommends stating, "I immerse myself in nature and the energy of adventure," instead.
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Consider adding a crystal.

Using a spiritual object in your intention-setting can serve the same purpose as tying a string around your finger — it's a physical reminder of the task you're working to accomplish. Askinosie says she'll hold a crystal with properties relevant to her intention (say, rose quartz for a love life intention or aventurine to boost your sense of joy and playfulness) while meditating on it. "It helps me to have something that I can hold onto when I need to reconnect with the energy of my goals," she explains, adding that it can be helpful to keep the crystal imbued with your summer intention somewhere you can see it. "Anytime you begin to feel yourself sliding back into old patterns, grab hold of your crystal and get back in tune with your intention," Askinosie says.
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illustrated by Paola Delucca.
Check in with yourself.

If you reach the end of July and realize that you've stalled (or gotten completely sidetracked) on your intention, don't panic. "Sometimes life pulls us away from the positive intentions we have for ourselves," Askinosie says, adding that this isn't a cause for panic, but rather it's an opportunity to reevaluate your priorities. Do you want to correct your course and try working toward the intention you set in June, or are you ready to admit that that original goal, even if you were to reach it, wouldn't be very beneficial anymore? Again, you're the one who's in control here, so you get to make the final call about where you put your efforts this summer. Or, as Askinosie says, "There’s no guaranteed way to assure that you will stick to your intention. It’s up to you to do the work."

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