New Eco-Friendly Fragrance Smells Like Nature But Fancier

reserve global embedphoto: courtesy of Siren Public Relations.
Danny Seo is a pretty cool guy. He's an "environmental lifestyle expert and beauty guru," meaning he's devoted his life to finding that sweet spot between what's eco-conscious and what's stylish. Unfortunately, the two don't often overlap, which makes Seo's work all the more impressive. As an all-natural style activist of sorts, he's brought us high-quality products with natural and organic ingredients.
Seo's latest launch is the debut fragrance for his new brand, Reserve Global, and we can't stop smelling it. It's made with exotic ingredients from all over the world, like vetiver grass from Haiti — an initiative that helps to improve the lives of Haiti's rural farming community. It also has notes from flowers captured at the "height of perfection," and, while we're not exactly sure what point in the life of a flower that is, we do know that it smells absolutely divine. It basically smells like a pile of fresh wild flowers that's sitting next to a bowl of fresh berries in the forest. On a clear spring morning.
It's a strong start for a new beauty brand, mixing eco-friendly ingredients with global job creation and a truly lovely product. We can't wait to see what Seo comes up with next.
Danny Seo Reserve Global Eau De Parfum, $69, available August 21 at Sephora.

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