6 People On The Zodiac Sign They Always Get Mistaken For

Photographed by Ashley Armitage.
I like to think of myself as an obvious Capricorn: I'm dry-witted, responsible to a fault, and I've had a deep concentration wrinkle between my eyebrows since the age of 19. But, perhaps thanks to my all-black wardrobe, the fact that I used to wear a ton of eyeliner, and my overall unapproachable demeanor, my Sea Goat soul is not as evident to some as I think. More often than not, strangers assume I'm a classically dark and dreary Scorpio.
Let's be fair — it's not always easy to tell what someone's Zodiac sign is when you first meet them. But that doesn't stop astrology aficionados from giving it their best shot — and sometimes they actually get it right.
After putting the question to Refinery29 readers, I found that you have about a 50/50 chance of getting pegged for the right sign if you ask an acquaintance to take a guess. Those are better odds than I expected, but maybe that's just due to my personal experience.
Read on to hear about our readers' experiences playing the age-old game of guess-my-sign, then let us know in the comments if you get mistaken for the wrong Zodiac sign or if your astrological identity is clear from get-go.

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