I Asked 3 Astrologers To Interpret My Birth Chart — Here’s How Their Readings Compare

Photographed by Alexandra Gavillet.
Thanks to the internet, we modern-day astrological enthusiasts can look up our birth charts all by ourselves. We can discover where all of the planets were in relation to the Wheel of the Zodiac at the moment of our birth and, in turn, learn more about our sun, moon, rising, and planetary signs. But, without the help of an IRL astrologer, it's tricky to know what, exactly, all of these details add up to.
Going to an astrologer for an in-depth chart reading can give you a much more personal understanding of your astrological identity than Googling your planetary placements can, but there's a catch. Even the most knowledgeable astrologer will draw upon past experiences to inform their readings. For example, one astrologer's interpretation of your Virgo moon and the extent to which it affects your life may differ from another's.
That said, there are no wrong answers in astrology. There are merely different ways to look at a chart. So, unless you go to someone who is totally inexperienced in chart readings, you will always come away with an insight into your astrological identity — although those insights may vary.
In order to understand just how much a single chart is up for interpretation, I asked three astrologers the same questions about my birth chart to see how their answers compared.
Interview have been edited for length and clarity.

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