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"If life worked the way theater does, then four out of five things heard in an entire life would be said by men." Playwright Marsha Norman (with Julia Jordan, not pictured) oversaw a study about women in theater, and the results are about what you'd expect. (New York Times)

Meet the homeless man who went to Harvard Law School with U.S. Chief Justice John G. Roberts Jr. and former Wisconsin Senator Russ Feingold. (Washington Post)

"As one reads Between the World and Me, it's easy to get caught up in Ta-Nehisi Coates' brutally descriptive prose and his startling assertions about whiteness." (The Root)
Pediophobia is a fear of dolls. If you're not creeped out by dolls (how are you not?), read this fascinating history of creepy dolls. (Smithsonian)

"We are told frequently that women are more intuitive, more empathetic, more innately willing and able to offer succor and advice. How convenient that this cultural construct gives men an excuse to be emotionally lazy." #GiveYourMoneyToWomen explained. (The-Toast)

Watch the Taharka Brothers crowdfund to make their ice cream dream a reality in this short film directed by the women behind Jesus Camp. (A Dream Preferred)

A bad tattoo (see Jennifer Lawrence's latest) isn't a mistake, it's a joyous celebration of the fleeting present moment. (The Guardian)

Why do some groups hit in America, and some don't? A look at how boy band Take That couldn't make their success in the UK translate in America. (Billboard)

After a hospital error, two pairs of Colombian identical twins were raised as two pairs of fraternal twins. Wait, what?! Read the story of how they found one another. (NY Times)

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