The Olympic Events To Plan Your Midday Meetings Around

For these Olympic Games, there are two ways to see history being made. The first is through a beautiful, cinematic display filled with podiums, cheers, and such joy that you're bound to blame allergies while quietly stifling patriotic tears. The second? Reading "Gabby Douglas wins the gold medal" over and over on your Twitter feed between afternoon meetings.
After a weekend of uninterrupted Olympic viewing from your own comfy couch, going back to that sad option of getting big-time news secondhand just doesn't feel so appealing. But, never fear, Team USA fans! We've plucked the best events from the second week of the London Summer Games for you to watch online while they're happening, or, well, before you'll need to patrol the web for spoiler alerts.
So, if you're down with sneaking streams on your computer screen instead of avoiding the entire internet as to not spoil the big winners from each evening's rebroadcast, here's what you just gotta tune in to.
Tuesday, August 7
8 a.m.: Guhhh, why's this gotta be so early? Make the best of it and convince your boss you're working overtime by heading into the office to catch another round of men's and women's individual gymnastics event finals. Today's big finishes will be all about redemption, as Aly Raisman tries to nab a medal on balance beam and floor exercise, and Jordyn Wieber will also be tumbling her way toward a final shot at gold.
9:30 a.m.: If anyone ever told you greatness can't be achieved from your rec-room activities, tune in to the women's table tennis team gold medal match and show them who's boss. If anything, it'll remind you that so much can be done while saddled up to a table or desk all day long.
12:50 p.m.: Lolo Jones. That's all you need to know. Yes, there's the men's discus and 1500m run, but this 100m hurdles race will be an Olympic moment to remember, for better or worse. The Olympian faltered in Beijing in 2008 when she infamously hit the second-to-last hurdle, and later found out her misstep was due to a spinal problem that was fixed with risky surgery last year. After squeezing her way into the London Summer Games with a third-place finish at trials, she's back for her final shot at grabbing that gold. If you spend any time on Twitter, this will be ruined for you. Don't miss out!
Wednesday, August 8
6 a.m.: If you're an early riser, skip scanning the morning blogs and tune in to the equestrian jumping individual finals. These people get to play with animals all day! It's like looking at cute kittens on BuzzFeed from your desk, only way cooler.
Noon: Surprise, surprise, it's track time again. Where swimming ends, sprinting begins, and this afternoon's events will follow with the rest of the week's pattern of races you simply don't want to miss. Men's 110m hurdles, women's 400m hurdles, and ladies doing the always-mystifying long jump? Just another day full of unbelievable competition.
2 p.m.: Whether you're a pinch annoyed that morning meeting lasted 'til lunchtime or not, channel your anger through the Taekwondo repechage finals, where competitors will spar for gold, silver, and bronze in a bracket-style face-off.
Thursday, August 9
10:30 a.m.: Marlen Esparza will always be remembered as the first woman chosen to represent the U.S. in women's boxing when it was included at the Olympics this year, but if she comes out on top at the women's boxing finals, she'll be a bona fide superstar. Don't miss the world-class athlete and CoverGirl spokeswoman punch her way toward glory.
1 p.m.: The only thing better than gymnastics is seeing someone do something just as difficult, only directly into a body of water. Watch the world's tiniest splash makers do gymnastics-style flips at the women's 10m platform diving finals that'll make your jaw nearly hit your keyboard.
3 p.m.: Kerri Walsh and Misty May-Treanor may get all the glory, but rest assured, they're not the only ones wowing the crowds out there. Men's beach volleyball finals paired with an afternoon snack and a break from your midday workload may not get you out under that sun, but it's pretty much as close as you can get to a mini-vacation without moving.
Friday, August 10
11:45 a.m.: Jordan Burroughs has built his life around winning the top title at this morning's men's wrestling event, and we'd hate to see the soon-to-be star have to change his Twitter handle, @alliseeisgold.
1 p.m.: Track! Track! Track! Today's lunchtime fun includes men's pole vault, women's hammer throw, and a handful of medleys, which will provide more than enough courage to actually take a swing at those kettle bells during your next gym workout.
2 p.m.: Getting a little sick of watching all that running? Switch over to watch the field hockey gold medal finals, where their jogging and sprints come paired with a well-wielded stick.
Photo: Via Olympics

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