Your Favorite Fruits & Vegetables Used To Look SO Different

If farmers hadn't domesticated the wild eggplant, it wouldn't be nearly as suggestive as an emoji. As this Business Insider video shows, the old-school eggplant was shorter, rounder, and sported a spiky stem.

It appears that the produce section would look vastly different if today's fruits and vegetables were replaced by their ancient, wild predecessors. There's the more seed-heavy banana. The very unappetizing thin, dry stalk of corn. And the sectioned-off, pre-domesticated watermelon.

It's obvious that generations of selective breeding have brought the options we're used to in our modern salads and fruit bowls. And just think, the humans who had to deal with the OG versions didn't even have whipped cream to mask the taste of a lackluster fruit salad. #GathererProblems.

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