5 Things To Know This AM — Jan 10 2013

Why bother with the same, old, typical horoscope? This one tells you all about 2013...from the perspective of your nose! Does that make scents? (Nylon)
If you missed the last episode of Off The Rocker, Betty White gave Kim Kardashian a makeover. Never, ever thought we'd say that sentence. (HuffPost)
Models, it turns out, have just as hard a time with aging as the rest of us: “In your 50s, you realize that you have become invisible to men. Invisible! Maybe that happened in your late 40s, but you couldn’t even begin to accept it then. In your 50s, you don’t have a choice. It’s real,” says model-turned-marketing-director Saundra Lane. (Slate)
Fashion insiders share how to not get sick while looking, well, sick. Because if there's anything this industry does right, it's how to look good while doing absolutely anything! (Fashionologie)
Now this is breaking news: In an interview with Elle, Naomi Campbell had nothing but words of praise for Tyra Banks. It looks like the hatchet has been buried. (Elle)
Image via Nordstrom.

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