This Is Our Jam Premieres: Misfit Mod, "Valleys"

Originally from New Zealand, Sarah Kelleher now records sultry synth-pop from her new home base in London under the saucy moniker Misfit Mod. Her new single "Valleys" is a glittery slow-burner that seems resigned to its own heartbreak. From the beginning, Kelleher relates the strength of her love ("I'll make you homesick / I'll make you different") while unsure of where it will lead next. As the track swells and Kelleher sings the words "Baby, it's alright," there's the distinct feeling that she's trying to reassure herself as well as her lover.
While that may not sound like the love story you'd expect on Valentine's Day, we'll take Misfit Mod's heartbroken realism to chocolate and roses any day. And, hey, there's still a chance that things might work out in the end, however slim. Watch for Misfit Mod's new album February 19 via Stars & Letters.
Misfit Mod –– Islands and Islands
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