5 Things To Know This AM — Aug 15 2012

Now you can have a complete geek-out moment with the help of a famously chic red sole. Christian Louboutin lends a hand to ladies who love technology, and a killer heel. (Racked)
We're always thinking about super-smart and clever headlines but, alas, we think these examples may have lost their luster over time. "Live Well On $2,500 A Year" may grab your attention, but certainly not the way it did in 1961. (BuzzFeed)
Overboard or awesome? Now your humble abode, like your hair, can benefit from an ombre makeover. Here's one colorful DIY that may just refresh your love of the faded trend. (P.S. I Made This...)
Why did model Michaela Bercu don denim on Anna Wintour's first cover of Vogue? Let's just say, we've been in her shoes before...likely after indulging in a few too many brews and pub fare. (Vogue)
Protecting yourself from the sun may be as simple as sporting the right accessory. Check out this wristband that changes colors to let you know when you've had enough UV exposure for the day. (Ecouterre)
Photo: Via Neiman Marcus

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