Would You Turn Down LeBron As A Dinner Date? This Olympian Did

Say what you will about not being swayed by Channing Tatum's eight-pack or Bradley Cooper's secret ability to speak fluent French, but everybody's got that short list of celebs they'd love to meet. You know — the rock legends, movie stars, and top-notch athletes you'd kill to grab a drink or hang out with before scurrying away to update Facebook and freak out about what just happened.
While Ryan Gosling hasn't been trolling around London trying to make new friends and tweets from Lil' Wayne are, in the end, just tweets, one U.S. swimmer got her shot with world-famous basketball star LeBron James, and, surprisingly, she opted for something else instead — sleep!
Olympic gold medalist Lauren Perdue met the NBA champion in the Olympic Village when he came to congratulate Team USA's swimmers. After hitting it off, LeBron invited her to have dinner with him in the cafeteria. Sure, it's not the swankiest of locales to catch up with an MVP, but instead of chowing on burgers and fries at the dining hall McDonald's with the friendly athletic giant, Perdue headed back to her room to avoid breaking Olympic Village curfew.
We've all (including world champions) have used the ol' "staying in to wash my hair" excuse, but to turn down a one-on-one with the LeBron James? Well, that's just insanity. We're not sure what the punishment is at the games for sneaking back after dark, but we would have risked it all just to ask him everything we've ever wondered about his life — like what it feels like to fly through the air while dunking, if his good pal Anna Wintour ever gets food stuck in her teeth, and if he has Michael Jordan's number in his cell phone! Keep in mind, he's capable of lifting Gisele Bünchen above his head (and after that Vogue shoot, probably has), wears a hard-earned, diamond-encrusted championship ring, and is one of the most famous active basketball players today.
In the end, it all paid off for Lauren — she nabbed gold alongside her three teammates in the 4x200m freestyle relay a few days later — but an hour less of shut-eye for the chance to mingle with a legendary star? That's something we'd happily opt out of hitting the snooze button for. (Daily Mail)
Photo: Via Daily Mail

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